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대한건축학회|대한건축학회논문집 구조계 2013년 5월

논문명 온수양생 시 양생온도에 따른 초고강도 콘크리트의 강도 조기 추정에 관한 연구 / A Study on the Estimation of Compressive Strength of Ultra-High Strength Concrete Cured in Different Temperature Using Warm Water Method
저자명 여상길 ; 하정수식별저자 ; 명로언 ; 송용원 ; 공민호식별저자 ; 정상진
발행사 대한건축학회
수록사항 대한건축학회논문집 구조계, v.29 n.5 (2013-05)
페이지 시작페이지(53) 총페이지(8)
ISSN 12269107
주제분류 재료
주제어 초고강도 콘크리트 ; 온수양생 ; 강도관리 ; 압축강도 ; Ultra High Strength Concrete ; Warm Water Curing ; Strength Control ; Compressive Strength
요약2 In this study, expedite curing period at curing temperature being 40, 60, 80℃ similar to strength of standard 28days curing temperature to confirm methods and applicability of early estimation of strength by warm water curing. Also, checked the effect related to different conditions such as using various kinds of material, differentiating quantity of material, with or without fiber mixing at same rate of water-bonding material. Existing method proposed by KS and JIS to estimate strength of 28 days standard curing temperature curing for 7days at 40℃ is not relevant because it takes so long to estimate strength. Already known method of estimating strength of 28days standard curing temperature curing for 3days in 60℃ warm water, too, is not relevant to apply 3day cycle of super high-rise. It also had the problem which didn' t consider fiber mixed concrete. According to the result of experiment, traits and rate of strength revelation were different relating to the kinds and quantity of bonding material. Strength value of mix without fiber was higher than that of mix with fiber, but without any relation to that, over 96% of similar confidence level with strength of 28 days standard curing temperature was shown in 7 days at 40℃, 3 days at 60℃, 2days at 80℃. Confidence level of estimation method of 2 days at 80℃ was similar to those of estimation methods of 4 days at 40℃, 3 days at 60℃, so it(2 days at 80℃) is regarded as the most relevant method because it' s possible to estimate strength fastly. As a result it can be said that early quality control of recently increasing super high-rise may be possible through estimation method of 2 days at 80℃.
소장처 대한건축학회
언어 한국어
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본 논문에서는 고강도 영역의 섬유혼입콘크리트와 섬유무혼입콘크리트를 대상으로 기존보다 양생온도가 더 높은 80도의 온수양생을 이용하여 기존의 에측방법보다 단축된 재령일에 콘크리트의 품질을 확인하고 관리할 수 있는 방법에 대한 연구결과를 기술하고 있다.